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    Om's Abroad Consult Pvt. Ltd. is an International Education consultancy with excellent credentials that provides value-based services to aspiring students in Nepal. OAC is situated at Mahendrapool in Pokhara. Here you can expect the very best of everything we have got to offer you.

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  • Genuine Counceling
  • Help To Select University
  • Offer & COE Issues
  • Visa Assist
  • Interview Preperation
  • Airport Picup & Accomodation
  • Support Until You Get PR

Study Destinations

  • Australia

    Australia has long been the preferred overseas study destination for Nepalese students. It is no wonder that it is the third largest taker of international students worldwide.

  • Germany

    German universities are open to anyone who fulfills the prerequisites and academic freedom is one of the basic principles of the German university system.

  • New Zealand

    New Zealand, an English speaking nation, is famous for its amazing scenery, its sporting achievements with the All Blacks and the America’s Cup, and its hospitable people.

  • Japan

    Japan is an island nation that sits in the Pacific Ocean on the east coast of Asia. It shares borders with several bodies of water including the Seas of Japan, Okhotsk and East China. Its closest neighbors are Taiwan, North and South Korea, China and Russia. It consists of four large islands and 6,852 (yes, 6,852!) total islands.

TestimonialWhat Say ?

Shusoban Makaju

@Sydney, Australia

@Sydney, Australia OAC has been very helpful & experienced consultant who provided me with all the information about Australian Colleges & universities and life in Australia. I was lucky enough to choose MPA as my study option with their recommendation. I'm truly enjoying my study and life in Australia. Thank you OAC.

Santosh Baral

@Berlin, Germany

@Berlin, Germany The OAC team exceeded my expectations, I have visited several study abroad centers in the past, this was the best by far. I think I am probably one of the first batches of student getting served by Om's Abroad Consult, I didn't just blindly go to OAC, as there were flood of education consultants. Santosh Baral, Berlin Germany

Ashish Shrestha

@New Zealand

@Wellington, New Zealand Enjoying my Bachelor Degree at WelTec, a perfect college to find balance of study, multiculturalism and student life. Your service, briefing and ability to deliver were 10 out of 10. Big thank you OM's Abroad Consult (OAC). Ashish Shrestha, Wellington

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